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        Drill maintenance

        Drill maintenance2017-07-04

        ⒈ When drilling steel, please ensure adequate cooling and use metal cutting fluid.

        ⒉ good drill pipe steel and rail clearance can improve the accuracy of drilling and drill life

        ⒊ Please ensure that the magnetic seat and the workpiece between the smooth and clean.

        ⒋ drill sheet, to the workpiece reinforcement, drilling large parts, please ensure that the workpiece is stable.

        ⒌ at the beginning and end of the drilling, the feed should be reduced by 1/3.

        ⒍ on the drilling when there are a lot of fine powder material, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., can not use the coolant, and the use of compressed air to help chip removal.

        ⒎ Please promptly remove the iron filings wound on the drill body to ensure smooth chip removal.

        twist drill

        twist drill2017-07-03

        Twist drill is the most widely used hole machining tool. Usually in the range of 0.25 to 80 mm in diameter. It consists mainly of working parts and handles. The working part has two spiral grooves, shaped like twist, hence the name. In order to reduce the friction between the guide part and the hole wall during the drilling, the twist drill is gradually tapered from the drill tip toward the handle. The helix angle of the twist drill mainly affects the size of the rake angle, the flap strength and the chip removal performance, usually 25 ° ~ 32 °. The helical groove can be machined by milling, grinding, hot rolling or hot extrusion. The front end of the drill bit is sharpened to form a cutting part. Standard twist drill cutting part of the vertex angle of 118, horizontal blade angle of 40 ° ~ 60 °, the rear angle of 8 ° ~ 20 °. Due to structural reasons, the rake angle at the outer edge of the large, gradually reduced to the middle, the horizontal edge at the negative rake angle (up to -55 °), when drilling from the extrusion effect. In order to improve the cutting performance of the twist drill, the cutting part can be ground into various shapes (such as group drills) according to the nature of the material being processed. Twist drill handle in the form of two kinds of straight handle and taper shank, the former is caught in the drill chuck, the latter inserted in the machine tool spindle or tailstock cone hole. General twist drill made of high speed steel. Inlaid carbide or blade crown twist drill for processing cast iron, hardened steel and non-metallic materials, etc., the overall carved carbide twist drill for processing instrument parts and printed circuit boards and so on.
        Successful Application of PCD Direct Sintering Technology

        Successful Application of PCD Direct Sintering Technology2017-07-03

        In recent years, composite tool drilling tools, the most discussed tool innovation is PCD direct suppression sintering technology. To understand this concept, first of all need to understand the PCD and its previous limitations. In general, PCD is attached to the cemented carbide layer. When the cutting tool is made, the PCD is welded to the tool body by brazing.

        This method has two major shortcomings: 1. Tool groove processing is limited, because it is made of flat film; 2. The flat sheet welded to the cutting edge of the tool from the cutting edge is very close. If the temperature is close to the melting point of the brazing, then the heat generated during processing will cause the welded joint to fail.

        Strategic Positioning

        In order to overcome these shortcomings, and make full use of the advantages of PCD, PCD material using direct compression sintering technology, from the strategic focus on manufacturing PCD tool blank. When the cutter is made, the diamond powder is put into the slot opened in the carbide tool cutter body, and the diamond and the cemented carbide are sintered at high temperature and high pressure. The sintered tool blank is welded by brazing On the handle. And ultimately in accordance with the requirements of the blade shape design, precision tool blade processing.

        For the processing plant, this is a good news, because the characteristics of sintering PCD, can make the tool in the positioning of the PCD blade accurately. In addition, the spiral cutting edge or other complex blade type can be precisely made, which can not be achieved when using a PCD sheet. This optimized blade shape can be adapted to less rigid settings, but also to adapt to precision and stable mass processing. PCD direct suppression of sintering technology, but also to solve the problem of failure of the brazing joint. It is true that direct pressing of sintered knives still has brazed joints - this is only located above the shank side, away from the cutting site, free from heat.

        Special tool blade type

        In general, PCD direct suppression of sintered knives has a sharp cutting edge type, even in the processing of abrasive wear resistance of the largest composite material, but also to maintain a sharp edge. This technique can even be further enhanced, for example, by strengthening the fillet portion of the tool to increase the cutting speed without affecting the surface quality or dimensional tolerances.

        For the processing of composite materials and metal laminated materials, PCD direct compression sintering tool can be used micro-grinding technology, in order to process high stress concentration, but also help to maintain the sharpness and extend tool life. Tool sharp cutting edge cutting synthetic fibers, the required thrust is small, can be processing defects (such as delamination, substrate melting / softening, fiber extraction and surface scorching) to a minimum.

        Core driving force

        Composite materials and parts processing technology, the hole processing continues to dominate. For example, in the aerospace industry, it takes a lot of time to prepare fasteners for composite racks and parts. Even with the latest unified structure that reduces assembly requirements, drilling is still the dominant factor in terms of processing efficiency and cost.

        PCD drill bit with direct compression sintering technology, cutting edge can be made into a variety of groove, the hole into the hole position to minimize the tendency, but the application method is still a major factor in tool selection. For example, when using the automatic feed device, the PCD directly suppresses the sintered bit (eg 85 or 86 PT series CD10) and uses the PCD blade protection design to increase the stability of the process. At this point, in the cutting tool PCD edge part of the added protective layer, shortening the PCD exposed part of the total length. This prevents the cutting edge from cracking, thereby extending the tool life. These drills can also be used in the internal cooling mode, which is particularly recommended for the processing of aluminum alloy and / or titanium alloy stack of composite materials.

        Drilling once

        In order to shorten the downtime and to improve the surface quality and aperture error of the CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) or CFRP / metal stacking material, it is important to use the direct compression sintering technology to optimize the drill tip configuration PCD drill bits and optimize the machining process of. Although it is desirable to use a one-time drilling tool to shorten the production time, two times or three operations, drilling, drilling and reaming, are required for drilling when high accuracy is required.

        PCD direct suppression sintering tool is not only used for hole processing, can also be used for surface processing and edge processing processes. A typical example is the vertical tail of the aircraft made of composite material, which is difficult to process at the edges of this material. However, CoroMill? Plura end mills with PCD direct sintering technology are best suited for this process, reducing fiber fragmentation and increasing metal removal.

        From the perspective of composite material processing capacity and cost reduction, PCD direct sintering technology is undoubtedly the biggest technical driving force, for all applications, have great potential and competitive advantage

        PDC bit, cone bit use precautions

        PDC bit, cone bit use precautions2017-07-02

        According to the bit body material classification

        1, carcass PDC drill bit

        Carbide Diamond Composite (PDC) A drill bit is a type of cutting drill that welds a diamond composite sheet by brazing on the drill body. The carcass bit is sintered with tungsten carbide powder and brazed with tungsten carbide carcass on the polycrystalline diamond composite sheet with natural diamond.

        2, steel type PDC drill bit

        Steel body PDC bit, is nickel, chromium, molybdenum alloy machining forming. After the heat treatment in the drill body on the drilling, strong man-made polycrystalline diamond composite sheet into the (tight fit) drill body, with cylindrical tungsten carbide path.

        According to applicable industry classification

        1, Geological exploration with a composite drill bit is mainly used for geological exploration and exploration of composite chip bit, suitable for soft to medium hard rock, and now some manufacturers of new research and development of new composite film can be applied to ten hardness of the rock.

        2, coal field drilling with composite chip bit is mainly used for coal mine drilling and excavation. Generally speaking, the rock formation is relatively soft, the composite bit is widely used, such as anchor bit, three-wing drill and so on.

        3, oil exploration with a composite bit is mainly used in oil and gas drilling drill bit. At present, the oil field with a composite bit is all the composite drill bit inside the highest cost, the highest requirements. Can be said that the composite chip inside the arsenal bit.

        Drill use precautions

          Do not hit the cone bit when replacing the drill bit.

          To keep the mud clean, to prevent blocking drill bit water, and affect the use of drill bit. C, drill down control speed, to prevent sudden resistance, so that the cone bit to play a better effect.

          Keep two pumps on the water well. E, keep the bottom of the net without falling objects, from the drill, drilling are equipped with scraper or steel plate to cover the wellhead, often check the jaw insurance pin and wellhead tools to prevent the wellhead fall.

          Pay attention to the drill, to prevent drilling, drilling.

          Encountered a bad drill, jump drilling time to adjust the drilling parameters.

          Cone bit drill in the end, the first cycle of about ten minutes, with 1-2 tons drilling about 0.5 meters, slowly pressurized to 6-8 tons drilling. Drill evenly, to prevent the sudden damage to the teeth, drilling pressure is generally not more than 10 tons. Encountered when drilling slow, to analyze, if it is because of the reasons for the sandwich should be patient, do not blindly add pressure.

        Hardware hand tools industry how to develop

        Hardware hand tools industry how to develop2017-07-01

        China's hardware tools are widely used in geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and defense industry and other fields, mechanical processing with abrasive, geological drill and stone sawing tool manufacturing technology level has been greatly improved. Products have formed a series, standardization, variety specifications complete, product quality and stability, some products in the international market has a certain competitiveness.

        Although China's production of various diamond tools in various industries are widely used, and achieved significant economic benefits, but its technical level and foreign similar products, there are still some gaps, and vigorously develop the hardware tool industry, pay close attention to new products, new Technology development, accelerate the development of China's hardware industry, improve economic efficiency and overall technical level. The specific approach is:

        Increase investment in the tool industry, pay close attention to the development of new products and new technologies, new technology promotion, and constantly expand the field of diamond applications, improve the diamond tool industry, the overall level of technology and market competitiveness, variety, quality of survival, scientific and technological progress Seeking development.

        To meet the needs of domestic and foreign tool market, we must speed up the development of new products, improve product quality, increase varieties, increase production. In recent years, the demand for diamond tools has increased year by year in the field of processing of machinery, precious stones, medical equipment, wood, fiberglass, stone handicrafts, ceramics and composite non-metallic hard and brittle materials. At present, these products are still dependent on imports. Developed a variety of high-quality series of tools to replace imports. At present, the urgent need to develop products: oil drilling with PDC bit, stone grinding with diamond grinding blocks, engineering thin-walled drill, diamond honing Whetstone, diamond film coating tools, diamond wheel, rubber binder diamond plastic tools, PCD diamond tools , Diamond needle, nozzle, diamond heat sink and transistor and other products. To ensure the quality of their products, we must speed up the promotion of new technologies and new technologies, such as vacuum welding technology, EDM sintering technology, diamond uniform technology, diamond plating iridium technology and metallization bonding technology, laser welding process.

        Strengthen internal management, and constantly improve the production process, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

        Take the road of group or joint enterprise, set up several large enterprise groups, guide the development of the industry, create their own brand, and actively participate in international competition. Relying on scientific and technological progress, increase investment in science and technology, update equipment, pay close attention to new technologies, new technology, new product research and promotion, improve the technical level of China's hardware industry.