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        TaiZhou WanLongDa Tools Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a large enterprise which integrates design, make and market for U drill, fast drill, straight shank twist drill, cobalt-bearing straight shank, taper shank twist drill, CNC milling cutter, overall carbide milling cutter, PCD(polycrystalline diamond),CBN(cubic boron nitride), Natural diamond correction pen, U drill special foroil side fixing hilt,BT-side fixing hilt,reduction sleeve and U drill blade, acting forNACHI, Sumitomo, TaeguTec, Chloe and DEML knives. It holds various products in stock, delivers goods in time and it can customize non-standard products at customers' demands.

        It has strong technical strength and innovative products, and it has a number of brandsto meet the needs of different users and to win the trust and support of our customers with high-quality products and great reputation. Products are sold across the country, and exported to dozens of countries including Asia,Europe, andAmericas.

        The company will always adhere to the aim that is“Strive for survival, Development and reputation on the basis of quality, Innovation and service separately”;commit to development and innovation for its prosperity. It is sincerely willing to cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad to create a more brilliant future!

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