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Set in the near future, Mark Redman leads a double life: one in rural Colorado, where he takes care of his disabled cowboy father and tends to their family ranch; another in virtual reality, where he builds epic worlds and has found romance as a gay man. But the truth has a way of getting out, and when it does, will Mark be accepted for who he is?


LIFE RENDERED was the recipient of an Epic Megagrant. Epic Games is the architect behind Unreal Engine, the world's leading 3-D creation software. Unreal Engine has been utilized on major film and television projects including The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones to bring their fantastical worlds to life with stunning realism. The film team used Unreal Engine to build the expansive, vibrant virtual worlds seen in LIFE RENDERED.


For the virtual scenes, the LIFE RENDERED production team used the latest motion capture technology to film the actors' performances while they piloted their characters' digital avatars. They also used a custom-designed virtual camera system, complete with virtual anamorphic lenses, to film the scenes -- accomplishing a first-of-its-kind virtual production.


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